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Be not afraid of anything. Come into the heart. Come home and accept yourself just as you are. Will you accept yourself just as you are? There's no one up there who judges you. No angels judge you; no Jesus judges you, no Mary judges you, no Moses judges you, no Elijah judges you. We are the stupid fools that judge ourselves, and we go on judging and judging and judging.

Will you give up your iniquities this moment and say, "I will not judge myself. If they don't judge me, I won't judge myself anymore"? Accept yourself this moment just as you are. With every bit of sin that you've done, everything wrong that you've done, accept it as stepping stones to this moment. It is only a school down here. Does Jesus not say, "Come unto me all ye who are heavily laden"? Those who are heavily laden, place your burdens at his feet tonight, at those sacred feet that were bloodied for us. That Jewish man went upon the cross so that we could be turned toward another direction, a new direction, and a life abundant — abundant in love.

Take the words as I say them — just loving for love's sake, not depending on someone to love, just love flowing for the sake of flowing, working for work's sake, and living lives for the sake of freedom. Oh, beloveds, you are indeed blessed. Let us turn our backs on the ways of Adam. Adam was our father. When Adam fell, what did he fall in? Not into a fig leaf, my kids. He fell into self-consciousness, and we have been self-conscious ever since. If you ask somebody, "Who are you?" he'll say, "I am Bill." He doesn't say, "I am God." We lost God-consciousness with Adam. When Jesus went on the cross, he went as a ram, as a sacrifice on that cross. Before that he had a conference with Elijah and Moses, and they discussed it, the three of them. He said, "I am going to do this to break the Adamic law of self-consciousness and transform self-consciousness into God-consciousness."

That's what we are coming into. No longer are we going to be self-conscious from this night onward. We are to turn our backs on the way of Adam. That was when we as a race became self-conscious, egocentric personalities, I-and-me-conscious. It has all been a big nightmare for thousands of years, a terrible dream. Let us awake and know help is at hand this very night. The climb is steep, but the rewards are great; the air is fresh and rare. Jesus has trod this pathway ahead of us so we cannot go astray or get lost. When he left this Earth, not through death, but by rising above the density of the Earth, he sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us until he returned. This is his dispensation and he shall come again with Moses and Elijah by his side.

I'm going to ask that the Holy Spirit come to us this moment. I would ask you to do one thing. I would have you close your eyes and do some work. I want you to see down below in a valley a muddy stream, and I want you to see yourself up on the mountain looking down on that muddy stream of earth. Ask God this moment whom you should help out of that muddy stream. Look down there and you will see somebody. Put your hand out mentally to the person. Drag the person out of that mud and mire at this moment and it will happen out in the world. You do it intellectually and spiritually here, but it will happen to them out there. Put your hand down to somebody that's in drugs, in drunkenness, or in travail. Let God show you who it is that you have to help tonight. Put your hand down deep. Walk toward that mud, but don't fall in it. Start pulling people out. Pull them out onto the mountain, and keep pulling them up until they are safe. It might be somebody you love and can't help, who won't listen to you talk about God. We'll do it this way.

Ask God again, "Is there anybody else down there I need to pull out?" Put your hand out. Drag them out of the dirt quietly, with love. I'll be silent while you do it. Oh, yes, God, we're on Your side, God. We're going to save as many souls as we can that they won't have to go into the hell of what is coming.
With your eyes closed, just listen to me. Those who would like to make a commitment to their own soul's perfection and ask to be bathed in the light of the Holy Spirit will have a great opportunity in this next minute or two. Think what your obstacles are that the Light can dissolve. I will chant the sounds of God from the ocean of God.
I ask that the Holy Spirit be here. All of you, ask for the Holy Spirit to be here that we can feel it. I would like to feel it, God. I would like to feel it like a cool breeze upon us. I haven't felt it yet. Please, God, let your Holy Spirit descend upon us right now. I will chant to the holy angels and call them.

O Great Infinite Hierarchy, look down upon us and bless us. Bless each one here and look into each one of our souls. Please enter us into the Book of Life. Please let the Holy Spirit come upon us. Let it descend upon us. Believe. Let there be no doubters here. It doesn't cost anything to open our minds and allow the Spirit to work. I will ask the Great Spirit to descend upon us from the heavenly heights as love. May it blow upon us this night into our hearts. May the holy angels cleanse our desires, our bodies and our minds. As the heart directs you, as we sing "Amazing Grace," you may stand as a monument to God. If you don't want to stand, pray for the others who are standing, who have the courage to stand. Those who remain seated, pray for the others. Don't stand until you feel like it. Can you feel coolness on your skin?

Oh, praise the Lord! The Spirit has come.

Oh, amazing grace, that saves souls like us.

Oh, God, I love Thee, I love Thee so much, God, and I love Your children so much.

This moment say: "God, I dedicate my soul. I want my soul to shine in this world. I want to go out and help people. Give me the strength to help people, give me the words to help people, give me the love to help people. Take away all my obstacles inside and let me know that I am forgiven everything I ever did from the time of Adam on. I'm not going to have unworthiness any more. I know they never condemned me up there in the Hierarchy, and I'm not going to condemn myself. It is better to walk with two feet down here on Earth, not condemning myself and helping others on this path."

We will make it, kids. Come what may, we will not be afraid. I hold this candle, for it is you. The light is you. The light is the light within you


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