Divine Mother Speaks

Mother Speaks

Children of My Being, I greet thee in the name of Divine Love and Compassion. I would tell thee of My Heart's great desire for thee; for as a mother plans and dreams for her offspring, so I, the Mother of this Universe, plan thy destiny and dream of the day when thou shall come into the fullness of manhood and womanhood and can be declared of age--perfect.

To thee, part of my Very Spirit, I wish to give a word of wisdom so thy days of Earth shall be illumined, that I may see thy faces radiate joy as thou expresseth the fulfillment of Life's promise to each and every one of thee, the promise of happiness, health, abundance, peace, love, and eternal bliss.

My Beloved Ones, wake up and feel My Presence in thy midst. Open thine eyes and see My Likeness in thy brothers and sisters. Open thine ears and hear Me calling, beseeching thee to live the Life of Bliss. Know thyself and thou shalt know Me, thy true Mother. Mother of all Creation, in all, through all, living, breathing in thy midst, I AM thy brother, sister, father, mother sweetheart, child--All AM I and I AM ALL.

Hear My Words, flames of My heart, and be reborn into a life of Purity, Love, and Compassion that is one eternal moment of ecstasy beyond human conception. Enter into My Heart and become My Living Flesh; let Me breathe into thy veins My Immortal Life that is beyond causation, beyond mortal mind with its birth, old age, disease, and death.

Hearken unto My Words; take heed of this wisdom and profit thereby.

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