Saints Alive

Chapter One

The Garden of Master Jesus

From a class Hilda gave on April 4, 1985

I sat and wrote in this book last night for you with great love. Take of the spirit of this. Take of the love of it. The words are not important.

This is the time of the year I love, when Easter and Passover are celebrated. Both are Resurrection to me. They symbolize the passing out of bondage of the Jews in Egypt and the Resurrection of Jesus into a new consciousness for us. Both are history — and yet both are more. Egypt represents our lower tendencies that keep us in bondage. The cross represents our being bound to ego. Both end in freedom. Jesus, Moses — both were way-showers to liberation, and we honor them at this time.

Tomorrow is Good Friday. I often say, "Why call it `Good Friday,' why not `Bad Friday'?" But he whom I love so dearly says this:

"It is Good Friday because I suffered to help all. All will not take this grace. I can put out my hand to help you over the rough spots, but if you do not take that hand, it is both of our sorrows, for then I died in vain and you refused my help. My grace is for all who will take it: not for a chosen few, but for all. And this grace will purify and cleanse your worldly wounds and leave you free."

And speaking to me last night, he said:

"Did I ask you, daughter, any questions as to your beliefs, your religion, when I came to you so long ago and took you for my own? Did I refute your ways? Or did I unconditionally draw you close through love and compassion? I look down upon the world and see its suffering, its hates, its pride. Has it changed in these ensuing two thousand years? When will the children, God-made of the One Father, wake up and live the life regenerate? Will God have to once again chastise His offspring, as in past times? Did I live and walk upon the Earth in vain? No, no. I say that the children of the Earth will wake up and rise in time to save this planet and live the simple ways I so lovingly taught. Wake up, Children of the Light! Become my army of truth and light and battle the darkness!"

Did you hear that? No one is to blame. He says:

"I went willingly upon the cross that your way might be easier, that you could see the path ahead. I blame no one. It was my heart's love that put me upon the cross; my love for all who dwell upon this Earth put me upon the cross. No one else was responsible."

My mind flies back to when Jesus came into my life this time around. He came one night when I was young, and I challenged him and said, "Does your message have any power for us now, for us young people? I don't care about two thousand years ago." I even used the words, " guys two thousand years ago. Does your message work for us right now?" And Jesus took my challenge and he showed me how redundant — yes, redundant — was his message of love and truth, and how overflowing.

When I was writing this last night, I thought, if this word "redundant" doesn't belong in here, then I'm going to stop writing tonight. And I got out the dictionary at three in the morning, and for "redundant" it says: "Being more than is required, an excess, an exuberance, an overflowing, a super-abundance; deliberate repetition in a message in order to lessen the possibility of error." It's a perfect word. And I went on because of that.

It's perfect because his message of love and truth has been repeated over and over again. Krishna, Buddha, Moses — everyone has been telling us the same message over and over and over again to lessen the possibility of our losing out. But we never learn.

Jesus took my challenge and showed me that his message, if lived, solves all problems. His power did not die with him — he left his power on Earth like an ever-flowing spring. It was for all.

Along with knowing Jesus, gentle Jesus, and his mysterious, miraculous ways, I have learned about his mother.

Mary has patiently looked down from her heaven for two thousand years, waiting for us to live her son's message, sometimes weeping for our world so filled with woe and despair, sometimes smiling to give us encouragement to march on and not fall by the wayside, at other times sending down cooling, peaceful, healing vibrations. Oh, so many times I've been with Mary. I'm sure you have, too, but I'm talking my story tonight. How many times she's come to me — oh, so many remembrances.

I was walking in the woods with a preacher in India once; I was going to dance at his church. And he with such love spoke of the Master Jesus. In his imagination, he said, he would walk with Jesus, holding Jesus' hand, opening the gate when he came to it for Jesus to go in. The preacher radiated joy and peace, and sweetness oozed from his every pore. Then I spoke of my beloved Mary, of her beauty and divine power of love. His attitude immediately changed. He said, "Em, well, Mary was, eh, um, she was just a pure woman." I said, "How could just an ordinary woman hold the power that was the Master Jesus, that was a glass of God's water, in her womb? No ordinary woman could do it! Do you not know she is divine? Do you not know she came to Earth for this special work?"

Mary is the Divine Mother of this epoch. She and Jesus came together to do their work and to dwell within our hearts and to love.

Jesus came to Earth to teach us of the coming time. He talked of it to his disciples to prepare them so they would pass it on to us. To me he is the yogi of yogis. Sometimes you look at him on that cross with his head all down to one side, and you forget he was the yogi of yogis. He could do anything that any yogi could do. We got to know that Jesus could do these things when we saw Sai Baba doing them, you understand? We know that Jesus could have fed two thousand people, because Sai Baba would tap something and make food before our eyes. We know that Jesus could walk on water. We know he had these powers. We know that he went to Tibet as a young man. We know he went to Glastonbury and walked those shores.

To me, every word he uttered was of the highest truth leading to liberation. His words absolutely amaze me as we read the message he taught his disciples. If the advice given is lived, it works. It works like magic — wonderful, exciting. It lives and works today as it did two thousand years ago.

Preachers have often made his message dull. I hope I don't tonight. If I do, Jesus, forgive me. Oooh, I saw a lovely blue light come on my book. That's nice. I guess he forgave me.

And parents made the message of Jesus compulsory. Right? But if you read in love, his words are jewels of the rarest kind that make life easy, a pasture with flowers, a success.

When Jesus first came to me, I knew only Ramakrishna and Jesus and Mary, just the three of them. Nityananda, Mahadevananda, Sai Baba and numerous others I had not yet met, although at that time, Nityananda had appeared to me in my room and helped me to do my breathing exercises. Nityananda didn't say, "I'm a yogi in the Himalayas, and, therefore, if she belongs to Jesus, I can't do anything for her." And when I met Mahadevananda, he didn't say, "What's your religion?" He didn't say, "Have you been baptized?" And Jesus didn't come down and say, "Have you been baptized?"

It's good to be baptized. Of course, it is. I'm not against baptism, for goodness' sake. I'm not against anything, except maybe the evil darkness of this world that pushes people onto railway tracks. That I'm against! But nothing else. Whatever way you want to worship, worship in that way. Do what you have to. If you'd like to go by the way of the rules, go by the way of the rules, if it makes you happy and makes you feel secure.

The Planetary Beings and all of those teachers I mentioned, all work in harmony for the One God. Only down here do we separate into little groups and call ourselves names and make separations. And if there's any separation in any of your hearts tonight, put there by some stupidity, let's wipe it out tonight and go away free souls that can look at the sky and know that we are free in the Infinite Absolute God Almighty, that we're not bound by anything or anyone. Yet we can still walk into a church, you understand.

Valli came early tonight because she wanted to go into the church. Does that bind her? No, it makes her broader. We should be able to go into a synagogue and feel at home there, for is it not the One God that we're all worshiping? I've gone to Muslim shrines. Is that not the One God? I met a Muslim saint over in India. I was dancing at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay at that time as a classical dancer, and he came to see me dance. I understood Hebrews, I understood Christians, but at that time I didn't quite understand what the Muslim religion was. This great saint would sit, sit all day at the Gateway of India on Bombay's waterfront, and in the evening he would go back to his shrine. I sat with him and I said, "What do you worship?" And he said, "I worship the One Light, the One Energy." And then I thought, "That is what I worship," and there the unity came with the Muslims. Do you understand this? I became broad that day. I accepted another thing. And I felt bigger and better for having done that.

None of these blessed ones have any separation. Not they, not my Jesus. Live truth, and no matter what your label, you are one with Jesus. Did he ask me what I was? No! He just came and loved.

Do you know that little ditty, "Oh, How I Love Jesus"? In the Orient a healer came to town. He could touch a person and a goiter would go down, a clubfoot would be healed. It was fantastic to watch. Three of us went there to see him: a Hindu and a Jehovah's Witness and myself, one who worships the Absolute. They sang that song, and we came out dancing like three dopes. We were going down the street singing, "Oh, How I Love Jesus." Does anyone here know that song? Let's sing it.

Oh, how I love Jesus,

Oh, how I love Jesus,

Oh, how I love Jesus,

Because he first loved me.

You know what I'm seeing this moment? I'm seeing Mary with the child Jesus in her arms. And as we are singing, I see her swaying with the child.

We were just so happy that day in the Orient. We had no opinions. Opinions are like the ballast that holds you down in a balloon. Opinion, opinion, opinion — we're so full of opinions. Like Jesus, we must draw a circle that takes all in, no matter how narrow the circle another has drawn. You cannot blame Jesus for making everything narrow. You cannot blame Jesus for sending out the Crusaders. That's stupid! We have to be intelligent from now on.

With the coming of Jesus to me came his saints also — Saint Therese, Saint Martin de Porres, Saint Ann. One day I was feeling ill, and in my sleep I saw Mary, and then I saw her point to this lady with a cowl, an older lady with a piece of cloth under her chin. Remember, I was new in this. I'd been in this only about a month. I couldn't wait to get up and see who that one was. I ran down to the nearest church, and there she was, Saint Ann, mother of Mary. I just looked at her and I was healed.

It was so much fun to meet my friends of past lives and re-remember them again. Are you understanding? We don't meet them for the first time in this life, for goodness' sake. This is just a re-remembering and a new "hello" to them. And I worry sometimes that when I'm incarnated next time, will I get to know these people again? If not, I would really miss them. Will I find Sai Baba? Will I find Jesus? Will I find Mary? Will Saint Therese come to me as she did in this life? I want to make sure before I leave that they sign a paper which states that if I come down, they're going to come down, too. I wonder if Joan of Arc will ever come again. Oh, she'll say to me, "Now you're so strong you don't need me." I hope not. I want the whole gang again. Saint Francis, Saint Joseph, Saint Joan, Saint Bernadette: they all came and left their calling cards with me and signed them, "Love, Faith and Courage."

With the saints come all the little miracles that encourage us and lead us on. Oh, those little miracles! That's what keeps us going, isn't it? If we didn't have those, how could we go through all this gloom and darkness? Just when we think everything in life is a big mess, they go and do something nice for us. They're awfully smart up there.

Jesus appeared outside a bus one day when I was grumbling about the heat of the Orient and the dirt and the dust on the bus. Riding a bus in the Orient is "epic," a Scottish lady once said, because where there should be two people, somebody comes and pushes you over and four or five get in the same seat. I was grumbling, sitting there looking out the window, and I said, "Oh, my gosh, it's Easter again, more Crucifixion. I've had it." And then there he was, outside the window. Flying along outside the window was my Jesus, and what he said is for all of us. He said, "No, no, not Crucifixion for you. A life more abundant I come to bring." A life more abundant. A life more abundant. He spoke of many things that were abundant. He means everything — your physical world abundant, your emotional world cleaned up, your mental world clear. Everything abundant. Not Crucifixion for us! He did that job and left. He said it very clearly that day. He said, "When I say abundant, I mean all planes." And so he does, if you know how to believe and call and trust.

A Hindu girl says that no matter what a person does to her or who judges her or says mean things to her or how many mistakes she makes, there is One ever near, forgiving. "Forgiving, loving, compassionate," she says, "Jesus is always near." She said that to me last night, about three in the morning. You say it, Shanti, in your words. It was more beautiful than I can say it.

Shanti: "When Hilda told me she was going to speak about Jesus tonight, I got so excited and so happy because Easter is my favorite time of the year, and to hear Hilda speak about Jesus! I came to know Jesus a couple of years ago and ever since I've met him, he's been brother, father, friend — I can't even describe all that he's been to me. I know that no matter how life goes, how many mistakes I make, how often I fall, how often I feel like I could kick myself because I'm so stupid, I know that he's there. I just know that he forgives and he's there to help, putting out his hand. He's just so compassionate. I feel like he's always watching over all of us to guide us and to help us and that with Jesus you can never go wrong because he'll never forsake you."

What an all-encompassing man is my Jesus! He never asks, "Have you been baptized? What religion are you?" He just stands at the edge of the world, waiting to come. Vision after vision people are having now of his return soon. I do not know about big things like that. I only know I love him.

Moses and Jesus were both let down by their close ones, the ones for whom they sacrificed. Moses went to the mountaintop, came back, and found that those who were left to wait and to pray were just fooling around. Jesus went to the mount to pray, came back, and found that those who were left to watch him pray were asleep, and he said, "Cannot you watch one hour with me?" In six thousand years, we have changed very little, so the heavens keep sending down someone to remind us. Jesus came two thousand years ago and left a message so clear. And have we lived it, or even tried to? Or did those nails pierce that sacred flesh to no avail? I say we can start right now, this night.

I woke up in pain this morning, then suddenly my body turned into silk. I knew my Jesus was on the job and wanted me to speak simply from my heart about how I feel and have always felt about my Beloved, who left his divine domain and walked with us. For himself? No, for us. Through him, my hand becomes a healing hand; otherwise, it is but flesh. Because of his great love, the angels gather and their feathers fall upon our heads in blessing. What more can I say, my friends that are me? All that I am is entwined in him. He is my breath, my life, my love. If I for a moment fall, he reminds me that he too fell and rose to stand tall again. I close my eyes, and there are his clear blue eyes ever looking at me. And I know he is nearer than breathing, closer than hands and feet. He came not to glorify himself but to teach us of the Father.

I would like to tell of some of the little miracles that started to happen to me when Jesus came into my life. I had an old junky car that I had paid eighty-five dollars for, and it ran for five years. I never put oil in because I didn't know I had to, but it ran anyway. Because I had just come into this thing, I wanted to use the power. You know that one, kids? So I said, "The gasoline tank is full. The gasoline tank is full. The gasoline tank is full. The gasoline tank, in the name of Jesus, the gasoline tank is full." Well, it was full, all right. It went on full for months. It was just fine. It didn't cost me anything to run that car. It really manifested. But, finally, the Big Man wanted to show me a lesson: do not use God, do not use the Father — let the Father use you. Got that one? It's cheap to use the Father. Let the Father give to you.

So one day when I'm going along, it goes a kut-kut-kut-jueet and stops right in the middle of the road. Somebody comes up to help me, and I say, "It may be out of gasoline." He goes to look and he says, "No, the gasoline tank is full." I thought, that's great. "But," he says, "the pipeline from the gasoline tank is clogged up." What's the use of having a full tank when the gasoline is not running into the engine? You see, you have to know how to pray. I should have said, "The gasoline tank is full and the car is running perfectly. The gasoline tank is full and the car is running perfectly." But we're not smart enough for that. We say only half the prayer. That was a big lesson for me: how to pray. To pray completely, know what you're praying for. It has to be a complete picture that you tell the Lord because God up there is going to manifest your every word. If you say only half a prayer, that is what you will get.

Another time Jesus came and said, "Give me all your time." Oh, I had such a nice studio. It's still there, only now it's a fruit shop. At that time it was a bank. I would come home in the evening from teaching dancing, and I would go up the stairs and turn the little gas stove on. I had blue curtains and I had painted the floor blue, and it was just heaven up there to me, just heaven. Anyone who came into that studio had to pray. They couldn't say anything negative. They couldn't drink tea, coffee or any other stimulants. It was a nuthouse, but it was my nuthouse. The vibe was something. The people would open the door on the street and say, "Ooooh, what's that in there?" And close it again. It was so absolutely pure.

He came there in the midst of that and said, "Will you give me all your time?" And I said, "Oh yes, yes, I'll give you all my time." But life changed with that because I couldn't get near anybody. I was about to give a concert and I couldn't get with my dancing partner. I couldn't get near my mother. I couldn't get near anybody. There was one person who would once in while open the door and push an ice cream cone or some food through to me. I could go out and teach my dancing and come home, but I couldn't read a paper, because as soon as I'd start to read the paper it felt like I'd been beaten all over. When he said, "Give me all your time," he meant all my time.

I couldn't go to a show. In those days I would like to get a chocolate bar, go to the show, and sit by myself and see a double-hitter. I would choose a nice one — you know, "Song of Bernadette" or something. I would say, "Jesus, can I go and see this nice thing?" And the voice would say, "Yes, yes." So I would go in and see "Bernadette." But the second one might be "The Murder on 32nd Street," and I'd get into that, and I'd feel horrible. I'd start going, "Om, om, om," because when the materiality would come at me, my soul would start slipping out. I'd be sitting there saying, "Om, om, om, om, om, om, om, om, om," trying to see this "Murder on 32nd Street" thing, and I'd say, "Please , Jesus, couldn't I just see who did it? I just want to see who did it. Please." And I would feel beaten, horrible. Then I'd go up the aisle and get out and get into my car, and I'd feel marvelous again.

He meant all my time.

Lately even going into a department store has been very difficult. I'm there and I can't see because I've gone too high. My body is hurting all over. And the Masters say, "Daughter, why do you come to these places?" It's Alexander's basement. My favorite place. And I say, "But I'm having so much fun" — and here I'm doubled up. I say, "I have to have fun sometimes, don't I?" They say, "You call that fun?"

We grow out of things. They make us grow out of things. You can't be where you're not supposed to be because you'll know it inside yourself. You'll know it if you're in the wrong place. You can think you want to go to all these wrong places, but I'm telling you, you can't. You'll feel rotten inside. And if that isn't enough, they'll make you feel beaten all over with a rod. And if that isn't enough, well, you just wait and see. They make you go in the right direction once you've given yourself.

Well, I gave myself, and three days before the concert, it eased up. I was able to practice, and I did the most wonderful concert. He knew that I had to teach, and, therefore, he didn't block anything that was important in my life, yet gave me this wonderful yogic training. But wow! That was some time when I couldn't get near my mother. My mother would come and I'd say, "Mother, don't get any closer." She'd say, "Oh, my poor daughter, what's happened to her? What's happened to my daughter since she got religion?"

It's really fun when you get into Jesus and get rid of your opinions of it all, because he is one of the Masters of the Great White Lodge. We can't study the Masters without studying him. We can't study the Masters without studying Moses. We can't study them without studying the Planetary Beings. They're all one, trying to do one thing — to save this Earth. And they need us to save it. They can't save it alone. They're already up there saved. We have to save this planet, and they will help to the degree that we say, "Here I am." It's easy to say, "Here I am, Jesus."

Sometimes we need a jolt upwards. Some time if you haven't had any miracles lately, say "Hey, up there, I need a miracle." Expect a miracle. Live expecting a miracle. Because life gets really dull down here. Once in a while, we need a little ice cream. We need a miracle of some sort. We need a job to manifest. We need something to appear in our house.

Once I lay down and I said, "`Bermuda Triangle' is going to be on television in ten minutes. My Masters are calling me out." I said to Brad, "I'm lying down on the couch and I'll be back. Call me in five minutes. Don't say `Hilda' because that startles me. Say `Om.'" I was gone. And then, from way in the heavens, all at once I heard, "Ommmm." I sat up and I said, "Yes, yes, I'm ready. I'm ready. Put the program on. You Ommed." And Brad answered and said, "I didn't Om." And I said, "Oh, it was that thing, that tape recorder, that Ommed." And the switch wasn't on "On." I thought that was pretty good. It got me ready for the Bermuda Triangle. I'd been waiting a long time for the tape recorder to talk.

We need life picked up a bit. We can't live in dullness all the time, with people getting pushed in subways and the newspaper reading like an obituary from the front to the back. We can't. We need something happy in our lives. We need our atoms to get alive and vital. And how are we going to do it unless we seek the Masters or Jesus or Moses or somebody that knows what it's all about? We've got to know that these people are alive. We've got to know that the Planetary Beings exist. We've got to know it. Deep in our bloodstream, we've got to know it.

I love this song, "He Is Like A River." I'm going to read it. One line I'm going to cry on.

He is like a river.

To his people he is tomorrow.

And to me he is someone

I can follow without lying.

I don't have to pretend to him, because he knows everything. It's like when Sai Baba looks at you — he knows everything. You can't fool Sai Baba. You can't fool Mahadevananda. Nityananda you can't fool. Because they look right through you. And it's wonderful to think they can look through you and they still love you with all your muck and your stupidity.

He is like a river.

To forever he is flowing.

And I am but a seed

And in his waters I am growing.

And he will hold me and wash me and carry me

In this time of mine soon be gone.

It means this moment will be gone. The hardships will be gone.

And he will hold me and wash me and carry me,

In his sympathy comes the calm.

He becomes the ocean.

To his people he is tomorrow.

And we are only raindrops

From his ocean, to his river.

And he will hold me and wash me and carry me

In this time of mine soon be gone.

He will hold me and wash me and carry me

For in his sympathy comes the calm.

This morning I woke up with pains and aches. And all at once, I felt like satin. I knew Jesus had done it so I could come tonight and be one with you in joy and happiness. Always on Thursdays, they take my pains away. It's wonderful. You don't see me suffer on Thursdays, because if you did, you wouldn't want me to help you. You would hang back. But I came down to help and I don't mind a few pains.

He holds us, glorifies us. Has he touched you tonight? Has he touched you softly in your heart? Has he made you more whole? Can you imagine anyone coming down from heaven and being narrow? I cannot. They are so gracious. The Saint Thereses are no longer only Catholic. They are everything. They lose the labels up there. They become universal. Let us become universal. Let us not have to go to heaven to become universal. Let us do it tonight.

If there is any blame in your heart toward Jesus or Christianity or Judaism, cast it out. There is none in my heart, and I do not want it. I could not stand it. It would be too dirty. Do not hold on to it. Forgiveness is our way.

Let us prepare the way. "Prepare ye the way for the Lord." This is the way to prepare ye the way for the Lord. Whatever Lord is going to come, we have to prepare the way. We are the ones that have to do it, my beloveds. If we do not do it, who is going to do it? Those down on 42nd Street? Those in the subways? We must be magnanimous. Our hearts must be open.

I am going to give you a meditation tonight to show you how to center yourself so that all this rottenness will not come on you.

The Master El Morya, he with the shining eyes, has said: "Behold the Resurrection of Jesus, born into eternal joy. As he is the Son of God and one with the Father, so we are one with the Infinite Christ Spirit. The Christ means the light, born anew this very moment into eternal joy and life. We the Masters say for you to know your own true Self."

This minute, be master of your own universe within you. Know it this moment. Know who you are this moment. Believe in the truth that within you is the key to your Father's kingdom. Rise to the glory of God and be forever born anew.

I want you to close your eyes now. We are going to go into a meditation.

I want you, this moment, to think of the most wonderful moment in your life. I do not care what it was. I want you to feel that now, this moment. Relax and feel it. Think of a time, I do not care where it was or what it was, when you felt absolutely like silk. Relax your shoulders now. Relax your feet onto the floor and think of the most wonderful time, one moment in eternity that was wonderful to you. Relax into that. Expand that inside you. Expand it inside you more until your heart feels like it is getting bigger and bigger and you are getting bigger and bigger. This is the way to keep all negative forces off you. Expand that inside you, that wonderful feeling. Do not say you have never had a wonderful feeling. Even tonight, we had a wonderful moment together when we sang "He is Like a River." Find that space inside you. Shoulders relaxed, brow relaxed, mind relaxed. And expand that feeling inside. Expand that feeling. You can smile if you want to. Expand that feeling this moment. Expand it to serenity. Do not go up into the heaven worlds. Expand it inside your body. Feel like silk. Feel smooth and beautiful. I see thee, Children of Light, ascending out of the dark waters of Earth.

Feel like you are walking along a golden path this moment, inside you. And the waves cannot reach you. Look down below and you see dirty waves coming, but they cannot come onto this golden path. Feel your burdens fall away. Jesus did say, "Come unto me, ye that are heavily laden." But you have to give your burdens away. Let them fall away. Throw them back into that dirty water. Open thy hearts and see the light. The hand of God is given to thee. Listen to the song played within thy heart. The flute, the eternal flute of Krishna calling you home. Krishna. Now grab this feeling and expand it inside you. Expand it inside you. Expand it inside you. Expand it inside you. Become it. Expand until it fills every cell of you. Until every cell has a drink of it. Let your mind feel at home now and your soul say at last, "I have come home." Blessings, children, for the way has been made bright. Expand this feeling now.

I am going to take you into the garden. I want you to come with me. Come to the forehead in this lovely state you are in, and visualize before you a pathway. On the left are roses growing and on the right are orchids and lilies. Plant your garden this moment. Go up to one rose and look at it and touch the velvet of it mentally with your hand and smell it and feel it, and then get back on the path again and walk. Walk along that path. Come on, my beloveds. "I am the Way, the Truth." This is the Way. You are going to come to a gateway, a little gateway. And here is a little gate now. Put your hand down to the latch and open the gate. Open it wide. And walk into this garden. And look around the garden and see what you see. What kind of flowers are there for you? What peace in this garden! Hold it. Hold it. And coming toward you is a figure in white with arms and hands stretching toward you. Walk toward it. Closer and closer walk toward it. And look into the eyes. And love. Expand this feeling inside you. No evil or darkness can come near you when you are expanding yourself like this, your aura filled with brightness. No darkness can enter your aura. You are safe. You are pure. You are holy. You are divine. You have come home. Look at the figure in the garden, arms outstretched, who is saying to you, "Welcome."

Turn now and start walking out. Be sure you close the gate. And you may wander and look at the flowers on the outside of the gate if you want. Everybody, "Alleluia!" Just feel the stars listening to us now. Now you come down. Come down. Close the gate and walk down the pathway. Walk down the pathway. Look at the flowers to the left and the right. Bring that sparkle of the stars down into this room.

Come right down into your bodies, coming right down in. Wiggle your toes and wiggle your hands. Put your hands up and feel sparkles come from your hands. Sparkles come from your hands. Feel as if light is running in your bloodstream, making you whole and perfect. Feel everything going your way. Just wiggle your shoulders a bit and feel alive, alert and aglow and happy. Wiggle your toes again. Feel like you are covered with stardust. Coming down in, coming down in, down into your body, down into your body. Let your heads relax a little bit. Not too much, because the energy is running upward. Let your heads roll a little bit. Straighten them out and feel mighty, powerful and wonderful.

Feel that anything good can happen to you. Feel like your aura is filled with light and stardust. Feel like the Planetary Beings heard us tonight and rejoiced with us. Feel that the Masters are here with us and that the angels can take our love out to the dark world.

Let us ask them to take this sound of music and our love out to South America, to Nicaragua, to Chile, and soothe the hearts of the people there. Let us ask that our love be taken to Ethiopia to soothe the crying babies and give hope. Let us feel that our love and light here can go around the world. Feel it going around the world, around and around and covering this world. Around and around. It is blue and gold and pink, touching each country, touching the leader of each country. Let your imaginations work this moment and feel that you are doing mighty much, right in this room. Feel that you are doing the Masters' work right now, doing Jesus' work, Moses' work. What a wonderful crowd you are! I am so lucky to have children like you. So lucky to have such souls so bright. Send our Om out to the world.

Believe in a miracle this moment. Believe in the sweetness of the air here. Believe in the alignment of every part of you. This moment you can be healed. Believe it. Believe, believe, believe, believe. Here we go, very softly and lovingly. This is for you. Ommmmmmm.

Please, God, heal my beloveds here. Heal my beloveds in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of the Holy Spirit. Let the Holy Spirit enter this room and let us feel the Holy Spirit come upon us and touch everybody. Let them be healed. Let the Holy Spirit touch all of you. Be reborn this night. Reborn. Ommmmmmm. O, let it come upon you right now. Be touched. O Holy Angels, touch them. Thank you.

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