Master Hilarion



Control of Body

The first step on the hazardous road leading to the Kingdom of God within is self-control. Self-control of body, mind and emotions is essential. Nothing can be gained in the spiritual realm until absolute body control is perfected. It is imperative that every aspirant of the Truth learn this lesson. Get it imprinted in the subconscious mind that the body is merely a horse upon which you ride and that the mind is the master. Learn this lesson and learn it well. That is the first step, and you can go no further until you learn it.

The way to attain this mastery over your body is to sit with your body relaxed, back straight, hands in your lap one on top of the other, your left hand under your right, eyes closed or fixed on one point, breathing slowly in and out in rhythm with the forces of life. This brings a quietness and peace to the body and makes the mind receptive to the inflow of the spiritual wisdom ever-present in the Universe. Strength, wisdom, love, beauty and activity are all part of God and part of the essence of every human being. These qualities are all lying latent in everyone, but they have to be released. This can only be done by absolute control of the vehicles through which these qualities flow.


Control of Emotions

The second step in preparing the way for the higher life is the control of the emotions. This is the bete noire, the stumbling block, of most aspirants, and it is something that must be learned. A calm, tranquil attitude of mind is a treasure house filled with the rarest of gifts - gifts far greater than all the gold in the world and greater than all the rarest gems in the Universe. Value this, my pupils, and start here and now to learn this second lesson. Of what value is a rare gem if locked with chain and key? Make your mind a place in which God dwells, a place filled with the Light of Truth.

The emotions are ruled by the mind, so a peaceful mind means a calm, unemotional person. Watch every emotion with a rigid mind. Don't let the slightest trace of uncontrol get by that gatekeeper, the mind. Rule the emotions as you do the body. This is done by not allowing outside things to affect you.

Get a calm, balanced attitude in life and let nothing upset it. Rule your emotions with an iron rod. Don't be pushed up and down by the pleasure and pain of life. Get your feet firmly planted on the path toward the Light of God and let nothing stand in your way. Discriminate between the real things of life and the unreal. Drop the unimportant things for the important. Be wise, be wary. Be yearning for the truth, but only so far as it is to help others on the path. Seek not your own salvation. Seek only wisdom, knowledge, joy, beauty, love and strength that can help others who are stumbling along their way to a place of peace. Be unselfish in thoughts, actions and words.

What happiness awaits the truly unselfish joy-bringer no man knows! Why be satisfied with half-truths? Why drink of stagnant pools? Why not drink the full cup of life? Live in immortality. Live! Live! Live! Live a life of fullness. Be life itself. Be a complete manifestation of God. Love all creatures. Love! Love! Love! Be a living God, worthy of the Father-Mother Godhead. Live in all the glory God prepared for you.

All gifts and powers are yours. God holds out His loving hands filled with rare gifts. Accept them. Spurn them not. Turn not your back on the bearer of such wondrous array.

All God asks is that you receive with open hands, with hands always open, never clutching but always outward-stretched in the attitude of giving, giving, giving. Give and find the joy of life. Love and find the very well from which God drinks His/Her fill. Live in all its glory. Cast off the old. Be one of the new creatures ready to live the life abundant, a life of giving, loving, receiving - receiving only to give again.

Wake up, Children of the Dawn, and live! The day has come when no slackers, no drones of God's Truth, can exist. Be wary. Be wise. Learn the lesson of life. Learn to live, think, act and speak like Masters. All others must perish. It is the will of God. Help all on the way to the Truth. Neglect no one. Everyone must have his or her chance. Be tireless. Be ever alert to do a kindness, to give a helping hand. Watch for every opportunity. Forget self. Forget all save God and His/Her Truth.

There is nothing in life but Truth. All trials, hardships, joys and sorrows are merely the training toward the mastery of mind, body and emotions on the path to God. There is only one goal, one ultimate end. All true living is the expression of the Divine within. Forget all minor things.

Find the goal! Get the vision! Hold fast, never lose it, not for one moment during the years that flow by so quickly in the life of humans. Be wise and live as wise ones. Care not for the prattlings of people drowning in their own ignorance. Find life and live it, caring not for others' opinions, but be kind in your opinion of them, for they are yourself in another form. They are God. They are Love. They are the All.


Control of Mind

The third step is the hardest and yet is the easiest when learned. It is control of mind. The mind is a slippery eel if it is not handled with a kind but strong hand. Be firm but loving, for the mind is the rein that controls the horses - the emotions and the body - and guides them to safety along the road of life. Train the mind always to be loving and kind and to see the best in others. In yourself, see the slightest flaw and ruthlessly correct it. Let nothing escape the eye of the mind.

Concentration is the first step toward conquering the mind. Learn to concentrate on one thing at a time, for one-pointedness is necessary. Do one thing well. Think a thought through to its culmination. This leads to meditation.

Now the pupil is entering the outer portals of God. All preparations that have come before are leading up to meditation, that is, becoming one with God and feeling His Joy and Bliss. Control of body allows the person to forget the distractions of the physical body or temple in which God dwells. Control of emotions clears the temple and makes it a place of peace. Control of thoughts stills the slayer of the Real, the mind, and allows the real Self to prevail. Learn these well before striving for heights. Learn the lesson well and God will heap such gifts upon you that you will be a storehouse of wealth, wisdom, strength and beauty.

Read this intellectually and you will be no wiser than you were before starting out. You will be wasting your energy and your time. Find God's treasures within your deepest self. "Seek and ye shall find." Do not stand idly by and let others pass out of your sight along the path to attainment. Be ready to accept the gifts offered. These are teachings of rare price. Use them as such.

Nothing is gained by merely wishing. To form a vision and then make the vision come true with action - this is true genius. Nothing was ever gained by sitting back and procrastinating. Procrastination is a thief, stealing life's choicest treasures. Live a life of commitment and action in the Eternal Now. Do it now!

I AM - I AM - I AM



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