Make haste slowly the young Hilda Charlton was told, but to no avail - she pursued God with a headstrong, single-minded intensity that decades later she bequeathed to thousands of students throughout the world. This is the story of her youth, a joyous chronicle of miracles and hard knocks, and the growth of a divine love that can - and does - change the world.

"A book full of the right way. Her books both heal and celebrate."
                                                    -Review, The Book Reader

Read Chapter Ten, My Big Splash In Hollywood


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  1. London from a Tobacco Barrel
  2. Growing Up Among the Mormons
  3. California, The Promised Land
  4. The Bogey Yogi
  5. The Perfected Beings
  6. Discrimination and My Jalopy
  7. Miracles and Hard Knocks
  8. Health Food, Spiders and Family Life
  9. Paramahansa Yogananda
  10. My Big Splash in Hollywood
  11. Dancing for Pericles
  12. Help from Heavenly Hosts and Other Friends
  13. That Hootchy-Kootchy Dancer
  14. My Mothers, Earthly and Divine
  15. Passage to India