Forty powerful directives of wisdom presented to Hilda by Lord Skanda, son of Shiva, who represents man's highest evolutionary attainments. Known as the great warrior-general of the Army of Light, Skanda leads spiritual aspirants to self-realization and victory over the dark forces. These messages were delivered by Hilda over a five-year period at the Hindu Temple Society of North American in Queens, New York. Also included is a section from Sri Ganesha, the first-born son of Shiva, who makes it easy to overcome obstacles.

Read The Origin of the Legend of Skanda, or Murugan

Read The Legend Becomes Real

Read Lesson: Release Fears through Love

Read Lesson: Know I Am Real

Read The Truth of Sri Ganesha's Form 


    Book One: Sri Skanda

    Introduction (by Dr. Alagappa Alagappan)

  1. The Origin of the Legend of
    Skanda, or Murugan
  2. The Legend Becomes Real
  3. Instructions for the use of
    Sri Skanda's Divine Messages
  4. Prologue
    Sri Skanda's Lessons


    Book Two: Sri Ganesha

  1. The Truth of Sri Ganesha's Form
  2. Instructions for Concentration