Basic and advanced lessons for dedicated students upon the path, presented to Hilda by Master Hilarion, one of the Masters of the Great White Lodge who, having won his freedom from rebirth, stays close to the Earth to teach others.

 Read Foreword:The Search Begins

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   Book one: The Golden Quest

   Foreword: The Search Begins

  1. Self Mastery
  2. Meditation
  3. Thoughts, Words & Actions
  4. Love: The Essence of Life
  5. Daily Concentration Affirmations
  6. Lessons on Concentration for Initiates
    Book Two: Lessons of Life
  1. Message from a Daughter of Light, Lucia
  2. Wisdom if Ishmahtalma

    Book Three: Teachings of the Father of Mankind

  1. Messages of the Manu
  2. Instructions & Exercises for
    Helping to Create the Age of God