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  01/20/1977   Love of God/Pericles and Aspasia
  01/27/1977   Align Yourself and Be Firm
  02/03/1977   Focus Your Mind and Control Life's Forces
  02/10/1977   Every Day and in Every Way I Am Getting Better and Better
  02/17/1977   How to Get Free/The Power of the Solar Plexus
  02/24/1977   Watch the Thoughts Go By/Maintain Non-Reaction and Equanimity
  03/03/1977   Shine Your Light
  03/10/1977   Living on Earth/Be What You Are
  03/24/1977   Surrender to God/Walk the Path with Discipline
  04/21/1977   Utilize Every Moment in Complete Faith
  04/28/1977   The Power of Positivity
  05/05/1977   The Uniqueness of You/The Universe Is in You
  05/12/1977   How to Clean Yourself Up
  06/09/1977   Freedom
  06/16/1977   Surrender
  06/23/1977   Mister God, This Is Anna: Trust/Be Full Up
  06/30/1977   Mister God, This Is Anna: The God In Me
  07/07/1977   Have a Viewing Point, Not a Point of View
  08/11/1977   Make No Labels and Be Free
  08/18/1977   What is Truth/Revalue Your Values
  09/01/1977   Overcoming Loneliness on the Path
  09/08/1977   The Power the Saints Left Us
  09/29/1977   Be Renewed by the Renewing of the Mind
  10/13/1977   Obstacles That Keep You from Freedom
  10/20/1977   Karma
  11/03/1977   The Latent Genius Within/Faith and Hope
  01/05/1978   Twelfth Night After Christmas and Deep Cleansing of the Mind
  01/19/1978   The Mind: Obstacle or Key to Success
  01/26/1978   The Mind in Relation to Meditation
  01/27/1978   On Meditation and Strength
  02/03/1978   Take Courage to Step into a New Life
  03/02/1978   Bridle the Tongue/See the Life Divine in Others
  03/16/1978   The Small Steps That Bring Us to the Great Goal
  03/30/1978   The Power of Gratitude
  04/06/1978   Breaking Molds
  04/13/1978   Use Your Mind to Your Advantage
  04/27/1978   Be as Empty as Krishna's Flute
  05/04/1978   Conquer Devious Thoughts
  05/11/1978   Unleash Your Innate Perfection (Guest speakers: American Indian Dance Troupe)
  05/18/1978   The Wonderful Force of God
  05/25/1978   Pause Upon the Earth to See the Hidden Mysteries
  06/07/1978   Developing Patience (Guest: Cherokee Princess Speaking on Prophecy)
  09/14/1978   What Liberation Is
  09/21/1978   Human Love and Divine Love
  09/28/1978   Letting the Divine Pilot Take Over
  10/05/1978   Live Each Day as If it Were the Last
  10/12/1978   Advanced Lecture on Yoga
  10/19/1978   Non-Reactive Intelligent Action
  11/02/1978   Finding the Space Within that Never Changes
  11/09/1978   Clarity in the Use of Words/How Our Thoughts and Movements Affect Us
  11/30/1978   Turnabout of the Soul to God
  12/07/1978   The Way of the Ego
  01/04/1979   Discrimination in Choosing a Teacher
  01/11/1979   Cults
  01/18/1979   Saint Joan of Arc
  02/01/1979   Saint Martin de Porres
  02/08/1979   Get the Divine Forces of Life Working for You
  02/15/1979   Ramakrishna
  02/22/1979   George Washington Carver
  03/08/1979   Happy Birthday - You are Spiritually 21 Years Old
  03/15/1979   Getting Through the Kali Age Safely
  04/05/1979   Dreams
  04/12/1979   Reincarnation/Passover Celebration
  04/19/1979   Prerogative to Do What We Want
  04/26/1979   Giving Up the Little Self
  05/03/1979   Ushering in the New Age of Truth
  05/10/1979   Evolution of Mother Earth (Guest: Bryce Bond)
  06/07/1979   Cherokee Indian Prophecies
  06/21/1979   Going Inward During the Difficult Times to Come
  09/20/1979   Precision and Decision
  09/27/1979   Allowing the Divine Plan to Manifest Within You
  10/11/1979   The Necessity of Giving Up Old Ways
  10/18/1979   Healing
  11/08/1979   Atoms - Part I: Evolution
  11/15/1979   Atoms - Part II: Inner Harmony
  11/29/1979   Atoms - Part III: Structure of Atoms
  12/06/1979   Our Symbolic Ozone Layer
  12/20/1979   Take the Bait and Get the Realm
  01/03/1980   Keeping the God-Light Within
  01/24/1980   Keeping Peace and Having Freedom from Negativity
  02/07/1980   Give Your Life to God
  02/14/1980   Living in the Fullness of God's Light and Purity
  02/21/1980   Faith
  02/28/1980   Using Every Situation to Grow Spiritually
  03/06/1980   Cleansing of Prejudice and Self-Condemnation
  03/13/1980   The Creative Principle
  03/20/1980   Immortality Forfeited
  03/27/1980   Getting Rid of Karma
  04/03/1980   Grace to Reunite with God
  04/10/1980   Prayer and Aspiration
  04/17/1980   Death or Life After Life
  04/24/1980   Mastery of Self - Part I: Conservation of Energy
  05/01/1980   Mastery of Self - Part II: Holding God-Consciousness
  05/08/1980   Starr Daily - Part I: Triumph Over Adversity
  05/15/1980   Starr Daily - Part II: Triumph Over Adversity
  05/22/1980   Starr Daily - Part III: Yielding
  05/29/1980   The Soul and Its Evolution
  06/19/1980   Keeping Centered
  06/26/1980   My Life Is My Message
  07/03/1980   Lean In On Yourself
  09/24/1980   Blueprint for the Golden Age
  10/02/1980   Sing Your Own Song
  10/09/1980   Stand Free in God
  10/16/1980   Quick Adjustment of the Mind
  10/23/1980   Duality of the Lower Mind
  10/30/1980   Power of the Om and the Art of Living
  11/06/1980   Know the Truth and Will to Live It
  11/13/1980   Inertia and Postponement of Action
  11/20/1980   Charting Your Life's Course
  12/04/1980   The Mystery of Life and Death
  12/11/1980   Love, Love, Love
  01/08/1981   The Divine Child Within Us All
  01/15/1981   Be Trail Blazers
  01/29/1981   Be the Captain of Your Ship
  02/05/1981   Cayce and Yogananda
  03/12/1981   The Great Plan for All of Us
  03/19/1981   Spiraling Towards God
  03/26/1981   How Far Have We Come - Part I
  04/02/1981   How Far Have We Come - Part II
  04/09/1981   Think on the Gifts God Has Given Us
  04/16/1981   Glory of Passover and Easter
  04/23/1981   How to Make Time Your Servant
  04/30/1981   Tools for Changing the Inner Space
  05/07/1981   Teachers of Truth
  05/14/1981   Dissolving Your Inner Conflicts
  05/28/1981   Nityananda
  06/04/1981   Connecting with the Power of the Masters and Saints
  06/11/1981   Partaking of the Nature of Divine Being
  06/18/1981   Manifesting Perfected Life on Earth
  06/25/1981   Eliminate the Negative
  09/17/1981   Accentuate the Positive
  09/24/1981   Filling Our Minds with Positivity
  10/01/1981   How to Lose Yourself and Gain God-Self
  10/08/1981   Cutting through Resistance
  10/15/1981   God's Divine Come-On
  10/29/1981   March On to New Horizons
  11/03/1981   Yogic Principles/Novena to Mary
  11/12/1981   Desires and Their Influence on Our Lives
  11/19/1981   All Life Is One
  12/03/1981   The Turning Point
  12/17/1981   Maintaining the Turning Point
  01/07/1982   The Power Latent Within You
  01/21/1982   Dreams
  01/28/1982   Krishna
  02/04/1982   Taking God Out into the World
  02/11/1982   Thought Forms
  02/18/1982   Nostradamus' Prophecy
  03/04/1982   The Power of Words
  03/11/1982   Harmony and Oneness/Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony
  03/18/1982   In Tribute to Sathya Sai Baba
  04/08/1982   Time vs. the Future
  04/15/1982   Individual Sound Patterns
  04/22/1982   Peace and Honesty of Purpose
  04/29/1982   Leaders in the Golden Age
  05/13/1982   Rating Our Soul's Development
  05/20/1982   Living in Balance with Life's Forces
  06/10/1982   Warriors in the Spirit
  06/17/1982   Using Our Emotions Spiritually
  06/25/1982   Forgiveness (Guest: Dr. Walter Burnstein)
  07/01/1982   Guru Poornima/Love Divine
  07/08/1982   Piloting Beyond Earth's Pressures
  07/15/1982   Nostradamus: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
  07/22/1982   Lean in on Yourself
  09/30/1982   Trust, Alignment and Knowing God's Plan
  10/07/1982   Waking Up to God's Awareness
  10/21/1982   Managing the Unconscious
  10/28/1982   Attaining True Mastery
  11/04/1982   Kundalini (Guest: Dr. Walter Burnstein)
  11/11/1982   Eliminate Duality of Mind
  12/02/1982   The Hereafter and the Essenes
  12/09/1982   Discrimination and the Antichrist
  12/12/1982   Maurice B. Cook on Master Hilarion
  01/06/1983   Peace and Positivity (Guest: Dr. Robert Muller)
  01/13/1983   Fear and Fire Walking
  01/20/1983   Releasing the Highest Consciousness
  01/27/1983   Life Initiations
  02/10/1983   Perspective and Prerogative
  02/17/1983   Rainbow's End
  02/24/1983   God's Viewing Point
  03/03/1983   Healing, Laughter and Understanding
  03/17/1983   Mental Agility and Discretion
  03/24/1983   Outside Mental Limits and UFOs
  03/31/1983   Devas and UFOs
  04/07/1983   Transformation and Regeneration
  04/14/1983   Polarity and Renewal
  04/21/1983   Becoming Spiritually Solvent
  04/28/1983   Masters on the Path
  05/05/1983   Promise of the New Age of Light
  05/12/1983   Discrimination and the Inner Plane
  05/19/1983   Our Space Brothers
  05/26/1983   Star People
  06/09/1983   Purpose and Directive Energy
  06/16/1983   Rajah Yoga
  06/22/1983   Hilda Charlton at the United Nations
  06/23/1983   Our Divine Mother
  06/30/1983   Developing Faith and Surety
  10/06/1983   Breaking Through Difficulties
  10/20/1983   Our Lady of Fatima
  10/27/1983   Introduction to Hilda
  11/03/1983   The Masters' Plea
  11/10/1983   Conquer the Emotions (Guest: Margaret Fuller)
  11/17/1983   Courage and Thanksgiving
  11/20/1983   Sai Baba's Birthday
  11/27/1983   Hilda at Whole Life Expo NYC
  12/01/1983   Untapped Human Potential - Part I
  02/09/1984   Secret Atom Speed/Glastonbury
  02/16/1984   Pristine Atom Patterns/Saint Colette
  02/23/1984   Atom Healing
  03/01/1984   Involution and Evolution
  03/08/1984   Many Mansions
  03/15/1984   Requisite for Discipleship
  03/21/1984   Prayer for Peace: Spring Equinox
  03/22/1984   Outer Space/Inner Worlds
  03/29/1984   Inner Dedication/Affirmations
  04/05/1984   Overcoming Psychic Realms
  04/12/1984   Regress to Freedom (Guest: Rabbi Joseph Gelberman)
  04/19/1984   Maundy Thursday
  04/26/1984   Acceptance and Discrimination of Interchanging Vibratory Rates
  05/03/1984   Lost Love Found
  05/10/1984   Saints Alive
  05/17/1984   Changes in Consciousness
  05/24/1984   The Life-Enhancing Gift of God
  05/31/1984   Being Who You Are
  06/07/1984   Balance and Sound
  06/21/1984   Rallying for Peace: Summer Equinox
  09/20/1984   Prayer for Peace: Fall Equinox
  09/27/1984   Love, Compassion and Power
  10/04/1984   Faith and Confidence
  10/18/1984   Undeviating Commitment to God
  10/25/1984   Ego and Ego Breakers - Part I
  11/01/1984   Reality of Angels and Space Brothers
  11/08/1984   God's Joyous Path
  11/15/1984   Chalice of Words
  11/29/1984   Ego and Ego Breakers - Part II
  11/30/1984   Hilda at Americana Hotel Conference, Great Gorge, NY
  12/13/1984   Hanukkah
  12/20/1984   Jesus: An Extraordinary Power
  12/21/1984   Prayer for Peace: Winter Solstice
  01/10/1985   Life After Passing On
  01/31/1985   Intuitional Interpretation of Dreams
  02/07/1985   Realize Your Potential
  02/28/1985   The Seven Rays
  03/07/1985   Divine Quest
  03/28/1985   Steps to Mastery
  04/04/1985   The Garden of the Master Jesus
  04/11/1985   Urgency of Adhering to God's Light (Guest: Marilyn Rossner)
  05/09/1985   Atlantis, Lemuria and Mayans
  05/30/1985   Lessons of Civilazations Lost
  06/20/1985   The Heritage Saint Joan Left Us
  06/21/1985   Summer Solstice Peace Meeting
  07/11/1985   Little Flower Saint Therese
  07/18/1985   The Divine Powers of Saint Martin de Porres/Overcoming Rejection
  07/25/1985   Black Holes/Universal Consciousness
  10/03/1985   Making Your Life Right
  10/17/1985   What God Expects of Us (Guest: Canon Rossner)
  10/31/1985   A Dream Is a Prayer Fulfilled (Guest: Dr. Walter Burnstein)
  11/01/1985   Preparation for Earth Changes
  11/02/1985   Intuition and Dream Innterpretation
  11/21/1985   Live Your Dream of Life (Guest: Alan Cohen)
  12/05/1985   Belief in Your God Heritage
  01/30/1986   Life After Passing On
  02/13/1986   Clearing the Space Within You
  02/27/1986   Krishnamurti and Nityananda
  03/20/1986   Self-Effacement to Allow the Spirit to Burst Forth
  04/03/1986   The Life and Miracles of Sri Nityananda
  04/17/1986   Secret of Deeper Forgiveness
  05/01/1986   Obliterating Stagnant Concepts (Guest: Rabbi Joseph Gelberman)
  05/15/1986   Do Possessions Possess You?
  05/29/1986   Creating a Better World through Gratitude and Trust
  06/12/1986   Keepng Your Divine Dream
  06/19/1986   Our Memory Bank is Within
  06/26/1986   Divine Mind: The Great Physician
  09/18/1986   Cleansing the Subconscious
  09/25/1986   The Wisdom of the Archbishop of Zambia
  10/02/1986   Talk Positive - Hold Your Own God-Space
  11/13/1986   Releasing the Divine Energy Within You
  12/04/1986   Our Immortal Mind
  02/26/1987   Born Again
  03/26/1987   Holy Spirit - Breath of God
  04/30/1987   The Real You
  05/28/1987   Courage and Mastery
  06/11/1987   Live to Your Highest Potential
  09/24/1987   Imprisoned Glory Released
  10/29/1987   The Power of Grace
  11/19/1987   Hereafter Revealed/Healing
  12/01/1987   My Story/Teachings of the Masters
  12/03/1987   Our Goal on Earth
  01/28/1988   Hilda's Last Lesson (presented by David Pomerantz and Allen Levy)